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Cloud+ 2017 Educational Program

Keynote: The future of security in the cloud

John Yeoh

Speaker: John Yeoh, Director of Research, Americas Region, Cloud Security Alliance

As the research director, Americas, for the Cloud Security Alliance, John Yeoh will share the research and work the organization is doing in the development of cloud security standards, tools and solutions, as well as raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud-computing environment. With more than 15 years of experience in research and technology, Yeoh will delve into areas such as cloud computing, information security, cybersecurity, and next generation technologies including IoT, big data, security-as-a-service and Quantum.

Cloud and the consumerization of security

The consumerization of IT has forever changed the enterprise application landscape, with personal digital devices now dominating the enterprise information ecosystem. The shift to public cloud solutions has enabled much of this transformation. The cloud liberated corporate applications from closed data centers and made them universally available to mobile workforces on the devices of their choosing.

As the cloud overtakes the world of physical security solutions, it is driving the same changes that that have already delivered vast improvements in engagement and connectivity for every other class of enterprise application: ubiquitous access, collaboration, digital security, social features, continuous data updates, and personalization. There is no going back from the heightened expectations that consumerization has created. For both product and services companies, it’s either cross the chasm or become irrelevant.

In this session, moderator Steve Van Till from Brivo—along with top systems integrators—will share best practices for, and challenges with selling cloud-based products and services.

Jeremy Brecher, CTO, Securitas
Jeff Frye, SVP, Interface Security Systems
Pierre Trapanese, CEO, Northland Control Systems

Moderator: Steve Van Till, CEO, Brivo

Smarter and safer cities in the cloud

The cloud is enabling city officials, law enforcement, emergency services and security professionals to make cities smarter and safer. Steve Surfaro, who was recently appointed as the chair of the SIA Public Safety Working Group, will give an update on what the committee is focused on as well as new initiatives underway. He and Jack Hanagriff will also provide a unique view into how the City of Houston handled hosting and securing the Super Bowl, and how the experience has inspired the city to build up its smart city infrastructure moving forward.

Steve Surfaro, Industry Liaison, Axis Communications and Chairman, Public Safety Working Group, Security Industry Association
Jack Hanagriff, Law Enforcement Liaison, City of Houston, Public Safety Office
Rob Hile, General Manager, GC&E Systems Group

Moderator: Paul Ragusa, Editor, Security Systems News

Not all RMR is created equal:
Building the right managed services program for maximum financial impact

President and CEO of PSA Security Network Bill Bozeman will take you through one of the most important aspects of the managed services business model—the financial part. With over 38 years in the security industry, he will share the knowledge gained from owning his own systems integration company as well as leading PSA, the largest systems integration cooperative in the world whose members have more than 400 branch locations, employ over 7,500 systems integration professionals and are responsible for more than $4.5 billion annually in security, fire, life safety and pro audio-visual installations. Bozeman will look at the financial considerations of developing a managed services model including how to identify the most successful RMR model, how to finance the program, and what it all can mean for your exit valuation.

Speaker: Bill Bozeman, President and CEO, PSA Security Network

Video surveillance in the cloud

This session will examine how the cloud is revolutionizing the way video is stored, shared, and used for not only security, such as verification and lowering false alarms, but for AI-based video analytics and business intelligence for end users, and increasing RMR for integrators and dealers. These subject matter experts will also look at how the cloud is being sold to end-users directly and the relationship between integrators and cloud manufacturers.

Brandon Reich, Surveillance Business Leader, Pivot3
Jumbi Edulbehram, Regional President, Americas, Oncam
Gene LaNois, Head of Professional Channel, Nest Labs

Moderator: Larry Folsom, President, I-View Now

Commercial automation: RMR potential unlimited

The technological innovation that has transformed the residential space is also providing opportunities in the commercial space, as customers expect the same type of convenience and security they are seeing in their daily lives. This session will look at how cloud infrastructure and cloud-based solutions are disrupting the commercial side of the business, which is ripe for reinvention. This automation evolution is creating opportunities for smart buildings, which enable operational efficiencies and business intelligence, as well creating bigger projects with more interactive and managed services, which equates to stickier customers for dealers and integrators. The panel will also look at the CRM opportunity, and how it is transformational in terms of how dealers think about existing customers.

Clifford Dice, President and CEO, DICE Corporation
Mike Mann, Director of Marketing Strategy, Building Wide Systems Integration, Johnson Controls
Abe Kinney, Director of Product Management,

Moderator: Paul Ragusa, Editor, Security Systems News

Finance in the cloud

With so much happening in the M&A space today, Imperial Capital's John Mack—back by popular demand—gives his "state of the industry" report and market analysis that has become a mainstay at Cloud+.

Speaker: John Mack, Executive Vice President and Co-Head of Investment Banking and Head of Mergers and Acquisitions, Imperial Capital

Day Two

Day Two Keynote: Cybersecurity in cloud-based security systems

Dean Drako

Speaker: Dean Drako, Founder & CEO of Eagle Eye Networks, Chairman of Brivo and Swift Sensors

Today's networked security systems are vulnerable in many ways, and their devices have been weaponized by hackers to create massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on targeted systems. Securing today's networked security systems can be a complex and difficult technical challenge. However, especially for small and medium size businesses, it doesn't have to be that way. Security systems and equipment can be purpose-built to constitute a pre-hardened and more easily securable system, in contrast to the current installed base of networked security technology.

In this presentation, Dean Drako will share his experiences as founder and operator of Barracuda Networks in the pioneering stages of the cyber security industry. From these experiences, Dean is uniquely positioned to educate audiences on the ever-increasing threat of cyber security in the security industry and how manufacturers should be taking the lead in overcoming these threats on customers' behalf.

How the cloud is transforming physical security

Security-as-a-service (SaaS), access-control-as-a service (ACaaS), mobile access control—the cloud is transforming the physical security landscape as we know it today. This session will not only look at the mobile access revolution in security, but also how the cloud is lowering the total cost of ownership and increasing ROI for the end user, while creating more RMR potential for integrators. The panel will also discuss how suppliers and integrators are working together to provide better and more cost-effective solutions for their customers.

Kim Loy, Director of Marketing, Vanderbilt
Paul Bodell, President and CEO, VIZpin
Hilding Arrehed, Vice President of Cloud Services for Physical Access Control, HID Global

Moderator: Dave Nemmers, President, Midstate Security

A manufacturer's story: Converting from on-premise to SaaS

In this session, Agent Vi’s AJ Frazer will walk attendees through key elements of such a plan, including redesigning for the cloud—SaaS is not just software running in the cloud; changing the maintenance & support paradigm—reconsidering support processes and making them more scalable; and transforming the selling model, including rethinking the value proposition for a different audience.

Speaker: AJ Frazer, VP sales, America, Agent Video Intelligence

Three best practices to selling cloud services

In this session, Chris Peterson, president, Vector Firm, will share three best practices to growing a successful cloud services sales team. Peterson will share his more than 20 years of experience in sales leadership, looking specifically at how he works with top integration companies to help them grow their business, maximize profits and increase RMR by leveraging the cloud and managed services model.

Speaker: Chris Peterson, President, Vector Firm

The technical talent challenge: How leading integrators grow, add and keep the best

The best technology is available—but do we have the talent onboard to shepherd our customers and deliver?

This timely panel session will feature leaders from a few of the most well-respected, fastest-growing security integration companies in our industry today. The focused discussion will be on the ongoing need to upgrade existing employee teams, recruit and hire stronger talent, and develop internal programs that support your organization's capability to bring the most current solutions, including those which are cloud-based, to your customers. Rebecca Bayne will moderate this session, with the goal to facilitate an intriguing, energetic discussion, while challenging existing viewpoints and introducing new concepts, shared experience, and clear benefits to all in attendance.

Joshua Cummings, Director of Engineering Services, VTI Security
Kevin Popejoy VP, South Central Region, Convergint Technologies
Margaret Soularie, Director of Human Resources, ASG/Aronson Security Group

Moderator: Rebecca Bayne, President, Bayne Consulting & Search

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